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Commercial Brokerage & Lease

If you are looking to invest in multi-family, retail opportunities, or any form of commercial real estate, we can help find the right deal for your goals or maximize value for sale. We keep up on updates to tax law to minimize your tax obligations and maximize your capital growth.

Our Approach:

  • Present available options that meet a client’s criteria

  • Comprehensive property evaluation

  • Well-versed in current economic variables and trends 

  • Maximize the long-term lease value through smart negotiations

  • Mitigate personal guarantees to the fullest extent

  • Minimize tax obligations via 1031 exchanges, Opportunity Zones and team with the top partners to the area provide a comprehensive financial outlook for you or your business

  • Get the greatest return on your lease structure

We communicate throughout all stages of the transaction to ensure you understand the process in its entirety.

Retail and Office Leasing

Retail and Office Leasing

Our passion is in helping small to large businesses negotiate lease terms in a fair manner, so down the road you don’t find yourself in a burdensome lease. Our client’s needs includes such things as finding a yoga studio space, a large retail location or the perfect office space for your team. 

Retail and office leasing image for services in King and Snohomish County
Lease Renegotiation

Lease Renegotiation

We work with clients currently in an existing lease that are coming to an end and renegotiate their terms.  Often times, simply executing an option isn’t favorable if it is above market value. We can help get the right terms for your extension and in many cases get paid directly by the landlord.

Brown concrete wall with faded background image for Lease Renegotiaition services in Seattle area

Need to Renegotiate your Lease? 

Investment Sales

Weitz Commercial has partnered with every type of real estate investor. We offer various investment avenues and assist clients with sole ownership deals or group ventures (ex. Real Estate Syndications). 

Your interests equate to our interests, so we strive to build long term, transparent relationships with our clients. Our experience spans all types of markets, years of steady and smart planning, and real-time market research to build your portfolio. We provide peace of mind around your financial welfare and seek the best financial outcome. 

Graph and charts report for Investment Sales


Multi-family investments are typically seen as a safe investment.  Our experience in this area is an advantage due to the unique structure of this type of investment.  We analyze and determine current location availability and use detailed data to identify growth areas (for example, properties with new transportation hubs). Another avenue is to look for value-added opportunities, such as improvements that will lead to increased rents and increased Cap Rates, followed by significant increases in market value.

Multi-Family apartment building image

“We only succeed when our client succeeds.  Our goal is to add value both now and in the future.”

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